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Whole30: Day 5

Typically, the first 5 days of the Whole30 are the worst. And if you have a lot of detoxing to do, it might last 7 to 9 days. I have done many detoxes and elimination diets so in anticipation of this, I diligently avoided dairy and grains for three weeks leading up to October 1st. So, I'm sorry that all of you other Whole30ers have to hear this, but I'm feeling pretty darn good with the exception of my head cold. But, with the lack of sugar, even that isn't so bad and I'm pretty sure I'm 85% better thanks to the arsenal of products I've been using. I'll do another post on that soon!

Day 1: I was in the office in the morning and had a lovely time at the St Norbert Farmers Market buying lots of goods for the week. We've been really spoiled with the fall weather so I went for a 10k walk around my neighborhood. I took an Epsom salt and lavender bath and went to bed at 8:30. I think that was the first sign that I was getting sick. I ate breakfast hash, grapes and cracklings (which I discovered is the part other part of pork fat when you are rendering lard that I've always thrown away, it's delicious). Then I was full so the salmon omelette I made for dinner became Day 2's breakfast.

Day 2: I taught a Dairy and Gluten Free Baking Workshop, which was fine except for the fact that I couldn't taste anything so I had to trust the process. Thankfully, I have been teaching this class for a few years, so it went well. I also went to hot hatha at Moksha which felt like a perfect way to spend my Sunday. I attended a Kongos concert with a girlfriend and realized that I can attend social events without drinking. I'm even looking forward to attending more this month!

Day 3: I didn't sleep much last night because I was officially sick. I gave my student an exam in the morning then slept for an hour and a half before going to the gym to workout and then coach. I felt way better than I expected. I also made a chicken today to have on hand throughout the week.

Day 4: I slept in, drank my warm ginger lemon water, had a chiropractic appointment made blueberry sage sausage and went to the office.

Day 5: A full day of work! I'm in the office this morning and teach this afternoon. I sauteed veggies in the cracklings and added 2 blueberry sage sausages foe breakfast. I'll probably have the same thing for lunch and some chicken with roasted beets and carrots for dinner.

Overall, I'm feeling very well and I look forward to trucking on. Keep up the great work #OctoberWhole30ers!

In case you are looking for something sweet, fruit with coconut milk, cinnamon and nuts and seeds would be a great option!

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