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The Functional Progression is a movement sequence that mimics the way babies naturally develop movement patterns—from the ground up, from the core outward. When practiced daily, the Functional Progression rehabilitates compromised core muscles (such as happens with pregnancy) and strengthens your core to move the way it was designed to move.

The functional progression was developed by Dr. Erica Boland in 2013. You can find it here.


Dr. Boland took her knowledge of developmental kinesiology and the information that she’s learned traveling all over the globe, studying the absolute best of the best in manual therapy, and combined those movement patterns into a replicable scheme that you can use to enhance your core function during pregnancy and postpartum or at any other point in time in your life.  She created the flow of movements based on the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and connects you to the way you were born to move.


From here forward, this should be the standard for your core training.

Learn it Here

Diaphragmatic Breathing
Functional Progression 1
Functional Progression 2
Functional Progression 3
Functional Progression 4
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