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December #NoExcuses Workout Challenge (2021)

Who's ready to get their fitness on this December?! I've got another #NoExcuses challenge just for you. As winter comes, I get busy and my motivation wanes, so having a plan all laid out makes it much easier for me to get movement in without over thinking it. With this, you literally have #NoExcuses.

As per usual, all workouts are 10 minutes long (with the exception of the 30 minute outdoor challenge on Sundays). I built in stretching and mobility days on Thursdays. I added links to all of the movements with many modification options. You can do most of the movements with or without weights. Some instruct for kettlebells and some instruct for dumbbells. Feel free to interchange as needed. You can always reach out to me if you have any questions or need further modifications.

When you complete the whole month of workouts, send me a picture of your calendar (check off each day when you complete the workout). You will be entered to win a massage or pillow (if you are in or near Winnipeg) or electrolytes (if you are outside of Winnipeg). Winners will be announced the first week of January.

Download the program here:

#NoExcuses December Challenge 2021
Download PDF • 195KB

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