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Whole 30: Day 15

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Half way through the Whole30! Overall, things are going very well, but not perfectly. Here are my few takeaways:


My skin is breaking out. WHAT?! At this point in my life, the only time I end up with zits is when I have dairy. And I'm not having any dairy. And I have a huge cystic zit on my forehead. What's up with that? It might have more to do with hormones because....

I had cramps this month. Only for a few hours, but still, I get cramps maybe once or twice a year during a time I've been eating too much sugar or travelling.

I miss treats. I'm not craving any treats, but I simply miss eating a cookie. And I miss baking.

I tweaked my back on Monday. Getting out of bed, putting on pants, socks and shoes has been difficult for a few days, but I'm at about 90% now. Thanks goodness for chiropractic and massage.

I've been drinking twice as much coffee as usual.

I got a cold.

Yucatan Guacamole has sugar added to it. SUGAR. WHY?! How did I not notice this before?!


I'm never bloated. EVER. I don't get bloated very often because I really don't eat that poorly to begin with, but when you never eat the foods the your stomach doesn't love, you don't get bloated. So, I look lean (and feel good) when I get up in the morning and when I go to bed. Awesome.

I switched to half caff coffee to mitigate the amount of caffeine I'm drinking. I don't really drink coffee for the caffeine, I just really like it. So, I'm drinking half regular and half decaf and now I feel less bad about drinking 4 cups in a day.

I discovered dates + coconut cream. I'm not sure if this is a positive or a negative because it is SO GOOD. It's a treat. It's very sweet, but delicious. And no bloating, like other treats (even paleo) might cause. Be in my go-to treat arsenal indefinitely.

I haven't been drinking as much bone broth as usual, but I am adding collagen to all of my warm drinks. My knees are feeling better.

I've been more productive. This has been something that I've been working toward for a few months now. I'm finally feeling more creative, I have more drive, I can think much more clearly.

I recovered from my cold much faster than others seem to be. For some reason, everyone who is getting sick this fall, it seems to last 2-4 weeks. I felt crappy for about 2 days, had lingering symptoms for about 7 days, but overall didn't seem to get hit too bad. And I avoided getting the post cold cough.

So, officially half way. 15 more days. I'm excited to continue on the journey and see what happens!

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