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My version of a healthy meal

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I recognize that not everyone realizes just how much their food choices affect their physical and mental health. Chances are, if you are reading this, you do. I wanted to give you a rundown of how I have decided which foods make the cut for me. Michael Pollen wrote a book called, Food Rules. These are my, personal, Food Rules.

Characteristics of my meals:

  • Animal protein - ideally (but not always), locally raised and sustainably farmed

  • Vegetables

  • Fat for cooking or drizzling

  • Tasty

  • Uncomplicated

What I hope to accomplish with my meals:

  • Satiation for minimum of 4 hours - if it doesn't keep me satisfied for at least 4 hours, I don't consider it a meal.

  • More anti-inflammatory properties than pro-inflammatory - I want my food to provide health more than sickness.

  • Nutrient dense with bio available vitamins and minerals - while vegetables have lots of vitamins and minerals, some of them aren't bio available (available for human use) or difficult to convert. That's one huge upside of animal products.

  • Proper hormonal regulation. Minimal insulin surges, no brain fog.

  • No gastric upset or acne. Both can be triggered by diet.

But why?

  • I have a history of PCOS, carry two genes that have been linked to Alzheimer's and am prone to insulin dysregulation. If I don't stay on top of this now, I will be at risk for PCOS (again), type II diabetes and dementia.

  • I want to feel good and look healthy.

  • I want to provide this best possible outcome for any future children I have.

  • I want to die fast rather than suffer with a chronic disease in my last years of life.

I'm not perfect, nor do I ever claim to be. There are certain things I have found are never worth it: bread, cereal, soy or highly processed grain products. There are certain things I will have on occasion: cheese, chocolate, wine, traditionally prepared beans (hummus or refried), local and gluten free oats, homemade or gluten free treats. There are a few things I might choose to eat a few times per year: grilled cheese, naan bread, non-gluten free treats. I eat an occasional snack of nuts and seeds, fruit and even organic popcorn. I can be a sugar monster with no brakes so I have to make sure I keep that at bay and out of the house. If there is candy at the office and I have one, I'll eat 6 more, end up with a stomach ache and be annoyed because I knew that would happen. The only sweeteners I keep around are honey, maple syrup and quality chocolate.

I wrote a post on how to put together a healthy meal. If you are interested in finding your Food Freedom, I highly suggest reading this book by Melissa Hartwig Urban.

Do you have your own Food Rules? If so, I would love to know!

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Stephanie Sally
Stephanie Sally
Nov 12, 2020

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