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Book Club: Great Reads for 2019

It's another year and another wrap up of my favorite books I read in 2018. It was a year with more fiction, but I still read lots of non-fiction and memoirs. As always, send me your recommendations!

1. How to American: An Immigrants Guide to Disappointing Your Parents by Jimmy O. Yang - Jimmy Yang is a comedian and actor, best known from his role on Silicon Valley, and an Asian Immigrant. This book details his life so far. It's funny, relatable and he mentions his trip to Winnipeg!

2. Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols - As you know, I love all things nutrition. I also love all things pregnancy. Put them together with a woman who digs deep into the research and you've got yourself one stellar book. If you are a female who someday wants to get pregnant, this book is a must read. In fact, if you are simply a human who wants to eat better and know why you should, you would get good information from this book, too! Realistically, a diet that can grow another healthy human, is probably a good diet for anyone.

3. Tools of the Titans by Tim Ferris - If you haven't heard of Tim Ferris by now, what are you doing with your life? He's the king of life hacking and interviewing the top influencers in the world. He's compiled his favorites and put them into one, easily digestible book. It's broken up into 3 sections: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. You'll find tons of ideas that work in your life (and some that don't) so you can implement as much as you'd like. You'll be motivated to start living your best life real quickly while reading this book.

4. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood - I'm embarrassed to admit that I just read this book. In my defense, it is more of a Canadian must read since the author is from Canada, but never the less, it is still a must read. I even had the privilege of seeing it performed by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. It was originally published in 1985, but was revived by it's television debut in 2017. Although it is fiction, many of the events are based on real history. If you haven't read it, or it's been a while, it's worth picking up again.

All of the above books are linked to their Amazon site (I do receive a kickback if you choose to purchase from Amazon). I would highly recommend renting them from your local library or cross checking prices at

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