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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

I’m heading to Minneapolis this weekend for a pediatrics seminar so I can better help all of my pregnant mama’s and their little ones! I’m also getting certified in Webster Technique which you can learn more about here. Hint: it’s all about keeping mom's pelvis biomechanically sound so baby can stay healthy and happy.

Why is chiropractic so important during pregnancy? Let me count the ways! Can you even imagine all of the changes your body is going through while you grow a little human being? Hormones are changing, structures are shifting and you are still going through every day life which comes with your every day stressors.

At its most basic premise, chiropractic will help you and your nervous system adapt during your pregnancy. It will help you deal with all of the structural, hormonal and emotional stressors. Maintaining a well balanced nervous system (your main system that controls all of your other systems) allows your brain and body to communicate freely and optimally.

Structurally, chiropractic will help keep your joints moving appropriately so you can make room for your growing baby. Low back pain is extremely prevalent during pregnancy due to these shifts, the extra weight (which you need of course!) and the location of the weight. When the pelvis and low back vertebrae are moving appropriately, your nerves can freely flow to all of your muscles and organs, which may result in less pain and more nutrients to baby.

I also like to work on the muscles and fascia around the pelvis to keep the muscles healthy and relaxed. With pregnancy, extra hormones are flowing to help relax some of the ligaments to make labor possible. However, if your pelvis is not moving well, muscles will be pulled in various directions causing some ligaments and muscles to be too tight. Myofascia release techniques in addition to joint mobility and chiropractic adjustments help to create an overall structural balance.

Other benefits seen during chiropractic during pregnancy include headache relief, decrease in nausea and overall stress reduction. Chiropractic is non-invasive, the techniques I use are very gentle and I’m happy to work with all women and children to find the technique and approach that works for you.

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