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4 Ways Burpees Can Improve Your Life

Whether you love them or hate them, burpees are one of the most efficient movements you can do. That's what makes it one of my favorites. No, I don't love doing them, but I can appreciate how good they are for us. Here are 4 ways burpees can improve your life:

1: They require no equipment and minimal time. As long as you have fairly even ground and enough ceiling clearance, you can do them. Whether you choose to do 20, 50 or 100, I promise you'll be breathing heavily and you might even be sore tomorrow. Plus, the time commitment is minimal. No excuses!

2: Zero skill is required. Get yourself on the ground. Get yourself off the ground. Put your hands above your head. Boom. You're done. It really doesn't even matter what it looks like. Just get moving.

3: They're a really great indicator of overall health and ability. If you cannot do a burpee, you're going to have a tough time if you fall and find yourself with no one or no thing to help you get up. Self sufficiency results in a higher quality of life.

4: There is a minimal chance of injury and lots of preventative qualities with a burpee. If you're prone to low back issues, they may pose a bit of a risk, but can easily be modifiable. I also love that they require you to bring your arms above your head. How often do you do that? I see way too many patients with frozen shoulder or basic shoulder injuries from simply reaching for something. The more often you use a joint safely, the less chance of injury.

Prevention is the best medicine.

Here is a video on how burpees can be modified for ANYONE:

And if you want to read about he history of the burpee, check this article out!

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