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The Importance of Real Food

We live in a world where we can acquire information in a nanosecond, we can travel to the other side of the world in less than a day and when we are hungry, we can eat in an instant. We’re living in a time where technology has made things cheaper, easier and faster than ever, but not without consequence.

The world continues to evolve, yet we as human beings, have yet to catch up. Much of the food we are currently exposed to has been changed and modified to a point where our bodies barely recognize it. Yes, we are eating calories and this is enough to survive and reproduce. But we are lacking the true nutrients we need to thrive, to live long and healthy lives, free from disease.

Every time you decide to eat something, that food can either heal or destroy. Eating foods humans were designed to eat such as vegetables, animal proteins, natural fats, fruit, nuts and seeds will allow our bodies to function optimally. Our cells will get the nourishment they need to repair and rebuild organs, our minds will be able to focus, our energy will increase. We’ll simply look and feel good.

When we choose foods our bodies can only recognize as chemicals, preservatives and anti nutrients, we are given calories, but no nutrients. Our bodies will survive, yes, but they will not flourish or reach optimal potential. Avoid sugars, grains, unpronounceable ingredients, preservatives, etc.

Your body wants to be healthy. It’s up to you to choose the right fuel. Just eat real food.

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