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My 2022 Intentions and Inspirations

I just love the freshness of a new year. As someone who is a little too obsessed with planning, for me, the new year means a new planner, writing down goals and planning for another 12 months. Traditionally, I've done a blog post for ideas to make the most of your year. They're still relevant and linked here:

This year, I'm going to share some of my intentions and inspirations and this upcoming year. Some are things I will continue from this year and years past. Some are new or are coming more front and center. The categories are adapted from The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. It was this book that led to my creation of the Reflections and Intentions Worksheet I use every year with my girlfriends.

This isn't meant to be advice for YOU, per se, but maybe it will spark a little inspiration for your next year. I know I love to hear what others are working on or working toward.

Relationships: My intention is to keep them in the forefront of my year. I want to love on those closest to me extra hard. I intend to jump through all of the hoops to see my family in person (it's been TWO YEARS!). I will make date nights a regular part of my schedule. I will organize family FaceTimes. I will remind others of how important they are to me. I will be more present with my patients and ensure I'm giving them the care they need and deserve.

Finances: Although I've been aware of it for a few years now, I just recently became borderline obsessed with the FIRE movement. I've always enjoyed tracking my expenses, saving as much as possible and planning for retirement. I joke that I currently live a semi retired life. I'm in the clinic 4 days a week and spend the rest of my time doing side projects I love. Whether it's investing in my RRSPs or finding some form of real estate investment, I'm ready to make a big move to improve my financial future, if it presents itself this year. I will be intentional about what I spend my money on, looking for used options first and well made and sourced options second. I will also save a bit higher percentage of my income.

I do need to be careful here so that I don't become so obsessed with saving that I sacrifice my relationships, which is why I decided to make relationships my #1 priority this year.

Career: I freaking love my career and will take a few more prenatal and pediatric courses. I'm happy where I'm at in regards to my chiropractic practice. I'll continue to work on improve my passive income streams (currently, Skillshare and online supplements). I made a brand spanking new Well Fed Kitchen cookbook, but didn't love it. This year I will make it into something I'm excited and proud to sell.

Personal: Let there be fun. I definitely wouldn't describe my natural inclination to be fun. But, I know I can be fun and goofy when I'm happy, relaxed and surrounded by my closest people. I'll continue with regular social media breaks. I'll keep getting outside on the regular. Nature is really good for me.

My mantra for 2022: "Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity." Lao Tzu

My friend, Jess, reminded me that serenity is the virtue of an Enneagram 1. This was really hard for me to wrap my head around which was a good reminder that it's something I can work on. I've also been using the app Pattern which ties in very nicely to my personal growth as a 1. I will work to keep things simple and serene.

Some places I'll continue to look to for inspiration and things I will start or continue to do:

Podcasts - have a few favorites right now! Model Health, Dark Horse, Optimal Finance Daily (I listen to a few of their shows)

Books and reading- I read a lot. I'm also in a book club! I get the majority of my books from the public library and I keep track of the ones I read on Good Reads. Find my favorite ones one 2021 here.

Slow mornings and warm coffee

Hard conversations

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