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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

This season is going to be much different than most. I won't be able to visit my family, so I've been searching the web for the best gifts. I don't typically buy my family actual things. I prefer to buy them experiences. In the past, I've purchased my sister's family an annual gym pass to their local YMCA or an annual zoo membership.

Here is a list of my favorite gifts this holiday season with options for all budgets.

Annual, monthly or day passes to:

  • Zoo

  • Museum

  • Gym

  • Amusement park

  • Bowling alley

  • Escape rooms

  • Arcades

  • Movie theater

  • Night at a hotel

  • Waterpark

  • Provincial, state or national parks

  • Ski or tubing passes

  • Dance studios

  • Art classes

  • Their local Leisure Guide or Community Ed classes

  • Archery range

Online passes or subscriptions to:

Subscription boxes:

  • For my nieces, I'm debating between Little Passports (my personal referral link) or Kidstir

  • Meal kits

  • Bark box (for a favorite pet!)

  • Wine or beer

  • Books

Gift certificates to:

  • Local farmers market

  • Locally owned restaurants

  • Locally owned salons or barbershops

  • Locally owned coffee shops

Board games

Outdoor games or gear

DNA kits for them or their pets

Donations to their favorite charity with attribution to them

Way too practical gifts (my personal fave):

  • Car wash or detailing certificates

  • Toiletries

  • House cleaning services

  • Lawn or general maintenance services

  • Day camp passes (for kids and doggos!)

  • Credits into education, retirement or savings funds

  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies or beauty products

And if you're looking to make a stranger's day bright, Be a Santa to a Senior, is a really awesome program!

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