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Guest Post: Asian Inspired Tomato Eggs

I work out with Sarah at Undefeated CrossFit. She's an an excellent athlete and might be the only person I know who likes whole food cooking and eating as much as I do. She recently began taking nutrition clients through Lifestyle Performance Nutrition and is incredibly successful in guiding anyone through the jungle that is food and nutrition.

We joked that so often our meals are just too simple to write out as "recipes". But, simple is okay! And combining flavors and foods doesn't come naturally to everyone. Without further ado, here is Sarah!

I love cooking and I feel my best when I eat simple, whole foods. Eggs and tomato. It’s as easy as that. I was first introduced to this dish while I was living in China. It’s a staple that’s served over rice. I personally don’t love white rice because it doesn’t seem to keep me full. I like serving this dish over cauliflower rice. If I’m having it for breakfast, I’ll eat it with some avocado and if I’m cooking it for dinner, I’ll sauté some beans or other green vegetable to have on the side. This dish is a winner!


2-3 eggs

1 c tomatoes, chopped (regular or cherry tomatoes work)

1 tsp sesame oil

2 tsp rice vinegar (check to make sure it’s unseasoned. The seasoned vinegar has sugar added)

2 green onions (white and green parts separated)

2 c cauliflower rice (can be purchased or simply run cauliflower through a food processor or blender)

Fat for cooking (I like coconut and olive oil or butter)

1. Beat the eggs and egg whites in a bowl with salt and pepper. Add the sesame oil and white parts of the green onion.

2. Add oil to the pan and scramble the eggs on low heat until almost done (leave them slightly runny). Put the eggs into a bowl.

3. Add some more oil to the pan and cook the tomatoes on med-high heat until they start to break down. Add the vinegar and cook for another minute.

4. Add the eggs back into the pan with the remaining green onion to heat through.

5. Pile it on top of some cooked cauliflower rice and enjoy! (I heat my cauliflower rice in the microwave)

If you do want rice, try this on top of brown rice. The nutty flavour works well here. Or you could mix cauliflower rice with the rice of your choice.

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