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Chiro Kids

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Whether for wellness care or acute care, many adults understand the benefits of chiropractic. If you don’t, check out this post. But I meet so many people that never even think to bring their children to the chiropractor. Why would a child need a chiropractic adjustment? Because they have spines and nervous systems, too!

Being birthed, growing, learning to crawl, walk and move all have major impacts on the body. We are often diligent about getting our children in for their pediatric check ups, trips to the dentist and optometrist. Why not make sure their nervous system is functioning optimally, too?

We see lots of benefits in regularly adjusted children. They are often sick less or for shorter periods of time, digestive issues may improve, behavior may be improved, response to allergens may be improved and more! The coolest thing I see when adjusting children is how quickly they respond. Because their nervous system is so fresh (fewer years of insults and injuries) they respond quickly. A constipated baby might poop right after his sacrum is adjusted. A colicky or uncomfortable baby might fall asleep on the table after her atlas is adjusted. These adjustments are very subtle and aren't treating any specific symptoms. A chiropractic adjustment is simply helping the baby better adapt by improving function through the spine and nervous system. Babies and children don’t have the same musculature and ligament development so they don’t need drastic or aggressive adjustments.

Give your child the best possible outcome at life with great nutrition, quality time and chiropractic adjustments. As a chiropractor, I love taking care of the entire family!

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