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Chicken Liver and Apple Mousse

I'm always trying to find ways to get more organ meats into my diet. Liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods that exist. Organ meats in general have many more nutrients than muscle meat. The thing is, I really don't like eating organ meats. I think they're gross. So, I'm always trying to hide them in food or coming up with recipes that actually make them palatable. I saw a few videos going around talking about liver mousse. I had purchased chicken livers from Crampton's Market a few weeks ago and was hoping to find someway to use them up. Well, here it is! I highly recommend eating it with apple slices.


.5 - 1 pound chicken livers

1 sweet onion

1 tart apple

1/2 c coconut milk

Coconut oil or lard for sauteing

Salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg

Chop your onion and saute it in a pan with oil over medium heat. While it's cooking, chop your apple. Once the onion is cooked nearly to your liking (I like mine nicely browned), add the apple, chicken livers and spices. Continue cooking until the livers are almost cooked through. You'll want them just a bit pink in the inside. Throw it in the food processor with the coconut milk and run it until smooth. It won't take too long. Make sure it has enough salt, which will help bring out some sweetness in the apples. I typically put half in the freezer for later and half in the fridge. I will also eat it fresh with apple slices, bit it does become more palatable after sitting in the fridge for a bit. Enjoy!

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