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Replacing Resolutions with Habits

January is almost over. Did you make resolutions? Are they still in full effect? What if we looked at our New Year’s resolutions differently?

Create lasting change by implementing small changes. Whether you want to eliminate bad habits or create new, healthier habits, pick one at a time to work on. Focus on it for three weeks and see how your life slowly progresses and changes.

Here are a few ideas you can implement to create a healthier, more fulfilling 2015:

Reduce TV time—Think of all of the extra time you would have to get things done if you reduced your time in front of the TV. PVR your favorite show to skip through commercials, choose an mount of time per day to watch tv or limit it to certain days of the week.

Drink more water—The general rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day to maintain proper hydration. Increase this if you drink coffee or workout. Your body is largely composed of water. Think of how great you would feel if you were always well hydrated!

Read—Want to learn more or simply unwind? Add 30 minutes of reading to your daily habits.

Walk—It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always get up and walk. Bundle up if it’s cold outside and get moving! Walking is excellent for your general health and accessible to almost everyone. Start with 30 minutes per day and see how great you feel.

Stretch—We live very sedentary lives. Adding some general stretches to your daily routine will keep you limber and feeling so much better.

Stop drinking pop—Or stop eating X, Y or Z. Pop is liquid sugar. No one needs it. Replace it with water or tea. Your waist line and your brain will thank you! We all have a vice, kick it for three weeks and see how much better you feel!

It’s just three weeks! Give it a try and see the small, yet impactful changes you can make in 2015. We still have 11 more months left to kick butt!

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