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Book Club: Great Reads for 2024

With a new member of our family joining in February of 2023, my reads shifted just a bit. I spent a lot of time reading Dr. Seuss and the Dino-Sport series - both I would highly recommend. But, if you aren't into children's books, here are the rest of my favorite reads from last year. I hope you find something that looks good to you!

Build to Move by Kelly and Juliet Starrett - This is a book that everyone needs by the time they turn 40. I've been following Kelly ever since Mobility WOD and his CrossFit days and this is my favorite book yet. They do a great job of breaking down health into 10 testable and fixable pillars that you can weave into your every day life. It's the best self care manual I have ever read and already recommend it regularly.

How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence by Glenn Doman - I love, love, love Glenn Doman's work and have been using it in my practice and parenting ever since I read How Smart is Your Baby. This book is a written version of his week long course where he teaches his principles and ideas to parents so they can bring it home to their families. He believes that babies and children have much bigger capacities for learning then we give them credit for. I enjoy incorporating it, but I also recognize that it's not for everyone! Worth checking out if you are looking for ways to incorporate more things to do with your little no, no matter the age.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden - I can't believe I have never read this book! I really enjoyed the story. I watched the movie afterward, too, which is always fun to compare. It's historical fiction from a place in the world I don't often read from, so I really liked that.

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky - It's not unusual for women to feel that they take on more of the household tasks than their husbands, while also holding a full time job and raising children, if there are any. It's real easy to feel resentful. This book does a great job of looking at the division of household tasks and dividing them in a way that feels more fair. I highly recommend it if you are feeling on the brink of burn out!

The Enchanted Hour by Meghan Cox Gurden - I read a lot. I also read to my daughter a lot. This book looks at what the research shows in terms of reading aloud as a family and the benefits of reading on children's development. It has me hankering to bring the Imagination Library program to Winnipeg (pipe dream).

If you are interested in my favorite books from past years, here are the links:

2021 (It says "part I", turns out it was the only part - all of my favorite books were read in the first half of the year!)

I typically rent my books from the library. If you want to buy them, I really recommend checking out ABEbooks. The links above take you my Amazon affiliate pages.

Happy reading!

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