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Why I love treating pregnant mamas

Life never really turns out how you think it will. But, I do believe it turns out the way it's supposed to. When I started chiropractic school, I was pretty sure I would not be working in a private clinic. I wanted to be an occupational chiropractor. I wanted to work onsite at local businesses to provide chiropractic care, ergonomic training and drug testings. I started the Occupational Chiropractic club on campus, worked closely with the doctors in the area who were practicing this way and began the diplomat program. Then real life happened.

Off to Winnipeg I went knowing very few people. I submitted my resume to clinics who were in a location I wanted to work in without ever stepping foot into any of them. What was I thinking? But, it worked out perfectly. After having an awesome four years at Corydon Chiropractic Center and now being able to be part of Lifemark are really amazing opportunities (updated: 27 June 2017). In addition to my tribe at Undefeated CrossFit, it was a huge reason I chose to stay in Winnipeg even though I had the opportunity to move to my hometown to work. Then, after about 18 months in private practice I started getting phone calls asking if I treated pregnant women or was certified in Webster technique. Although we were trained to treat pregnant women and children in school, I hadn't really had much experience with it. So, I did the best could with the training I had and immediately registered for the upcoming Webster certification course through the ICPA.

I got back from the certification and all of a sudden I had a new pregnant patient nearly every week. I was so excited to use my new skills! And the crazy thing is, I'm still that excited every time a patient announces her pregnancy or I am referred a new expecting mama. I now treat pregnant women nearly every day. Just like you're probably not supposed to have favorite students, I'm probably not supposed to have favorite patients, but treating mamas and children really makes my heart feel full.

I've been asked fairly frequently lately why I like treating pregnant mamas so much. I don't have any children of my own so I haven't experienced the benefits personally, but the changes I see in my pregnant patients through chiropractic treatment is incredible. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

Through Webster technique and chiropractic adjustments, I help ensure mama's pelvis is bio mechanically sound. This means the sacrum and innominate bones are moving correctly which can allow the body to properly adapt and find its new normal during pregnancy. Adjustments can result in a decrease in common pregnancy related discomforts. When the pelvis is moving well, it can also give baby enough space to move around and get into an appropriate position for birth. Because of the change of hormones that happens during pregnancy, from my own observations, women seem to respond to chiropractic quicker than non-pregnant women.

Although continuing education is not required for Manitoba, I love learning how I can better treat my patients so I have been driving to Minneapolis twice a year to take courses. My main goal for 2017 is to really focus on developing my practice with a focus on prenatal and children. So, I was looking into heading to Nova Scotia for a course in March when I discovered that the entire pediatric training course is coming to Winnipeg! I nearly peed my pants with excitement. Because Manitoba doesn't require CE courses, we rarely have them offered here. I am thrilled to be able to better serve my patients.

Pregnancy is such a cool thing. Growing a human is amazing! The fact that these mamas are working to make sure their baby is happy and healthy is so heart warming and I am so grateful to be part of the journey. Together we have so much power to give future generations the best possible chance at making the world a better place.

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