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Optimize Your Health (In Addition to Chiropractic Care)

The following are suggestions for you to implement into your everyday life in order to optimize your chiropractic adjustments and improve your overall health. They will help you to get better faster and stay well. True health and wellness is achieved through the choices you make each day.


Stretching is an easy and obvious way to reduce pain, but many don’t know where to start or what to do. Stretching muscles improves your range of motion. It allows your bones and muscles to move more efficiently and thus allows your nerves the freedom to get to where they are going freely, resulting in less pain.

Hold each stretch for 20 seconds while you breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. They can be performed as often as every hour, but should be performed at least twice per day. They will not only aid in relieving your pain, but also help to prevent it in the future.

Place an ice pack or frozen peas on the area of pain for 15-20 minutes up to three times per day with at least two hours between sessions. If heat feels better, feel free to use it, but for no longer than 30 minutes per session.

Keep Moving

Try to move as much as possible, through all ranges of motion, without pain. The more mobile you can keep your body, the better it can respond. Being sedentary and still for too long may cause muscles and joints to tighten and become sore.

Watch Your Diet

We’ve all heard the latest health craze or diet and you’re probably not necessarily looking for nutrition advice, but if all of my patients could do one thing to improving their health, this would be it: Eat Real Food. As simple as it sounds, it may not be easy. This requires preparation and making more meals at home. I want you to eat as many vegetables in any way you prefer, eat protein from animal sources (preferably local & grass fed or pastured), and quality fats such as coconut or olive oil, nuts & seeds, avocados, real butter or lard. Reduce or completely limit your sugar intake. Stop drinking soda. Stop smoking. Drink more water. Avoid fast food and grains. Yes, I said stop eating grains. These few, but possibly huge changes in your diet will reduce inflammation (and thus pain), will help your become lean, sleep better, think clearer and, honestly, may even make you happier!

Supplements to Consider

This supplement not only helps you achieve a better sleep, but also aids in relaxing your muscles. Take 2 supplements up to an hour before bed.

A combination of ingredients found naturally in your ligaments, tendons and joints can be found in this supplement aiding in natural repair and maintenance of your connective tissues. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds like curcumin and glucosamine for ligament strength.

Our omega 3 fish oil is naturally derived with no artificial chemical concentration. It’s a pharmaceutical grade supplement from cold water fish resulting in a very pure and high quality product. It’s a natural anti inflammatory supplement leading to less pain, less inflammation and increases brain and cellular function.

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