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My Doc Says I Have Arthritis. Now What?

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Let’s start by understanding exactly what “having arthritis” really means. The Mayo Clinic defines arthritis as “inflammation of one of more joints.” The most common symptoms are pain, stiffness, swelling, redness and decreased range of motion. It is thought that age is a risk factor for arthritis.

Inflammation is necessary for proper healing of injuries. However, chronic inflammation is a sign of a problem is can be attributed to many diseases, including arthritis. If we can decrease our systemic inflammation, we prevent and slow down the arthritic process.

Eat a anti-inflammatory diet. I know, I know, I’m always talking about food. But, it’s a huge factor in your overall health! Eat a diet high in vegetables, fruits, quality fats and meats. Avoid processed foods, sugars and grains.

Participate in weight bearing activities. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Weight training two to three times per week is an excellent way to ensure proper bone health. In addition, try to move around more than you are sedentary. That may mean setting an alarm to go off on the top of every hour to remind you to stand up and move around.

Drink some bone broth. This is diet related...again. From a holistic perspective, consuming the organ of another animal will rebuild that same organ in yourself. This is where bone broth comes in. Drinking broth made from bones will actually rebuild and repair our bones! Place some soup bones in the crock pot, cover with water, add 1/4 c of cider vinegar and simmer for 24-48 hours. You will be left with a delicious, nutrient dense broth that your joints will love!

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