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Growing Pains and Chiropractic

Children may visit the chiropractor for lots of different reasons, even for wellness care. It's a great way to ensure their little bodies are growing healthy and strong. It may also be a great resource for kids who are experiencing growing pains, according to a literature review published in 2011: "The chiropractic care of children with "growing pains": a case series and systematic review of the literature"

I've had a few little patients I have treated and whose main complaint was growing pains. One of the neatest things about treating kiddos, is that they're treatment plans aren't nearly as intense as an adult's - they haven't had the same amount of wear and tear on their bodies - and they typically recover and respond quickly! The adjustments are safe, effective and not nearly as scary as some people believe. The techniques I use are gentle and we'll often add in games or activities to make the visit even more fun and enjoyable. Is your little one complaining of growing pains? Chiropractic is worth a try!

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