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Chiropractic: Optimizing Pain Relief During Pregnancy

In 2013, The College of Family Physicians of Canada published an article titled, Optimizing pain relief during pregnancy using manual therapy. The abstract states:

Question Many of my pregnant patients have muscle and joint aches, and are reluctant to use analgesics. What is known about chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Answer As pregnant women move into their second and third trimesters, their centres of mass shift anteriorly, causing an increase in lumbar lordosis, which causes low back and pelvic girdle pain. Increasing recent evidence attests to the effectiveness and safety of treating this pain using manual therapy. Massage therapy and chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, are highly safe and effective evidence-based options for pregnant women suffering from mechanical low back and pelvic pain.

If you've ever been pregnant, you know the body changes a lot. Hormone and structural changes are happening fast and furiously. While the majority of pregnant women will feel low back pain, they may also notice pain, dysfunction or discomfort in their pelvis, mid back, neck and feet. I mean, when it comes to pregnancy, it seems as though any type of pain is fair game (hello, leg cramps)!

Chiropractic care is known to be safe, effective and evidence based making it an excellent option during pregnancy. Because of the change to the center of mass, the spine requires a bit more love and movement to ensure mama and baby stay comfortable as they grow.

Exercise is also very important during pregnancy, yet only about 40% of women do so. Your chiropractor can (and should) be a go-to when it comes to deciding what type of movement or exercise is appropriate for you based on your current health status.

There are other ways your chiropractor can support you during pregnancy, too! Nutrition and supplements, sleep advice, stress management and more are often part of a chiropractic treatment plan (or a referral to someone who can help in these areas).

According to this particular paper, 87% of pregnant chiropractic patients said they rated their experience with a high level of satisfaction. Makes sense to me! Where else do you get to lay face down during a pregnancy? Other than the beach, where I did once see a pregnant woman dig a hole so she could lay with her belly in it. And hands on care feels so good!

This paper is a great read for all levels and I highly recommend checking it out if you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant!

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