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Children and Chiropractic

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A chiropractor’s goal is to help the body reach optimal health. This is done by checking the spine for anything that feels "off", specifically called subluxations. This is not a dislocation, but a bone that isn't quite in its place (often referred to as misalignment), a joint that isn’t moving properly or a muscular imbalance. Through a chiropractic adjustment, often to the spine, but can be to any joint throughout the body, the nervous system is affected. The spine and skull houses the spinal cord and brain! When the spinal joints are moving appropriately, the nervous system can fire appropriately. This means your muscles and organs are doing what they need to do.

These same principles can be applied to anyone of any age. This includes children! Babies have the freshest nervous system of all and thus respond so well to chiropractic care. They don’t have the same muscle tone or ligament strength so the adjustment is much, much lighter but the response is the same. Often, results are quicker than in adults who have had years of wear and tear to their body and nervous system.

Many common childhood ailments can be improved with chiropractic. Because chiropractic looks to the root of the problem (structural changes in the body that can be causing an issue) children’s bodies are fixing the problem from an inside out approach. All bodies want to be healthy! They just need the tools to do so. A subluxation in a child’s neck may be preventing the ear from draining properly and could result in ear infections. A subluxation in the low back or sacrum may be affecting bowel and bladder function resulting in constipation or bed wetting. Chiropractors are trained to find and fix the problem at its source.

Regular adjustments to babies and children have been found to result in improved sleep, improved immune function and improved behavior and attitudes. If your nervous system is functioning well, everything is functioning well! Chiropractic is a great, non invasive, inexpensive way to improve the health of your children.

Did you know? Dr. Kristen’s dad is a chiropractor and she has been adjusted since she was two days old!

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