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These are my favorite pelvic floor, orthopedic (related to perinatal) and pediatric physiotherapists in Winnipeg. I have used them myself, know them personally or have gotten great feedback from patients or friends.


Pelvic Floor Physios:

Kelly Small - Kelly works out of her home in River Heights. I saw her pre and postnatally and I love her instructions and philosophy. I refer to her often.

Alison Gordon - Home visits through Alison Gordon Physiotherapy and in clinic at Prota. I saw Alison before and after my abdonimal / pelvic surgery and she was a wealth of knowledge!

Jamie Wheaton - Jamie works out of Prota. She also use to teach the pelvic floor unit back when I taught anatomy at Robertson College. She's awesome!

Megan Ferrone - She owns Spire Physiotherapy and is just a great human being. Anyone who lives on the east side of the city, I send to her.

Pediatric Specific Physios:

Kids Physiotherapy - it's what they do!

Amber at Spire Physiotherapy

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