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These are my favorite nutritional resources in Winnipeg. I have used them myself, know them personally or have gotten great feedback from patients or friends.


Winnipeg Nutrition - Sara is amazing for perinatal and beyond, but she also works with other skilled practitioners. I refer many patients to Sara and they always have a great experience.

Amy Marshall is a registered dietitian and family support professional. I love her philosophy and ideas. She's also a great person.

Dr. Lauren Cottom is a naturopath but very helpful when it comes to food! She works out of two locations, so I'll give you her Instagram info so you can choose where you want to go.

Solid Starts is my go-to app when trying to figure out how and what to feed your little one. You can look up virtually any food and they explain exactly how to prepare and feed it to your babe based on age. So helpful! They also have a wonderful Instagram page with lots of explanations on the difference between gagging and choking. I know this topic makes many new parents nervous and the more you see the differences, the more comfortable you'll be.

Baby Led Weaning with Katie was also very helpful for me. She created 100 foods before 1 and I just LOVE this concept. Her Instagram account is also helpful for many food based questions for new parents. I did (and still do) a combo of purees and baby led foods. I think most parents find themselves there.

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