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Classes: Parent and Child

These are my favorite parent and child classes in Winnipeg. I have taken them myself, know about them personally or have gotten great feedback from patients or friends.

Classes: Parent and Child

Fit Together - my absolute favorite is the Adventure Club (year round outdoor baby wearing), but they have lots of fun classes to choose from and also prenatal classes.

Winnipeg Library - programming for all ages and varies by location

HER coaching at Norak CrossFit - this is a pre and postnatal class and the coaches are incredible! I loved going.

Lullaland - these sensory classes are all over Winnipeg and organized by age. So much fun!

Mini Ballers - we started this basketball program with Madison when she was 1. It's so cute! There's a similar one called Little Ballers and they both have programming all around the city.

Priceless Fun through the City of Winnipeg

Great Expectations in St. James

Starting Strong in St. James

Macdonald Headingley Recreation District

Scout Coffee - family friendly coffee shop with both free and paid programming

Peg Family Fitness

Family Circle at Family First Chiropractic on Thursdays (geared toward 0-12 months)

Kinder Links in River East Transcona

Louis Riel School Division Family Center Programming

Winnipeg Playgrounds

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