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Personal Training Anyone?

Have you been to Lifemark Nature Park Way yet? We are a beautiful, 6000 square foot facility with all of the bells and whistles and it's time I start taking advantage of them!

For only $25, you can add a 30 minute personal training session to your chiropractic adjustment. We'll work together to tailor your needs so you can get stronger, healthier and happier. I always focus on functional movements which will help make your everyday life easier. Do you have a desk job? We'll exercise in a way that will improve your posture and prevent digital dementia. Do you have a nagging injury that simply needs some exercise rehab? We'll do it! Are you trying to improve your general fitness so going up the stairs doesn't seem like such a chore? Let's get to work. Do you simply want to make sure you are squatting and push-uping correctly? I'll do that, too.

Whatever your fitness needs, we'll work to achieve them. Sometimes it simply takes that little extra push and I am more than happy to help.

Don't hesitate to book now.

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Dr. Kristen Mitteness

Lifemark Nature Park Way

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