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Lactation Support

These are my favorite lactation support resources in Winnipeg. I have used them myself, know them personally or have gotten great feedback from patients or friends.

Lactation Support

Untied Latch - Lynette (ICBCLC) and Aislinn are wonderful women who do home visits and pump rentals. I know them personally, have referred to them and have had them refer to me. If you need support for feeding, don't hesitate to reach out to them!

Baby's Nectar - Luka is amazing! She is one of the owners of Omnia so I work closely with her. She'll help you prenatally, postnatally and beyond! She's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mom life and taking care of your little one.

Cindy Rogers Maitland - Cindy is an ICBCLC and I've worked along side her at Villa Rosa and have co managed patients with her. She is a wonderful woman and can also help with her infant craniosacral skills.

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