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Postpartum Chiropractic Care

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

I recently had a patient mention that her mid back was sore after holding her friend's new baby. Now, imagine doing that all day every day after spending 10 months of your body and hormones changing massively. And now add broken sleep and random food choices. Welcome to postpartum life.

It's exciting, but overwhelming. Feelings of anxiousness and depression can set in. You're sore and frustrated and are simply trying to keep another human alive and hopefully healthy and happy along the way. You fall asleep in weird positions. You move in awkward ways to try to not disturb baby once he/she finally does fall asleep. Taking care of yourself is the last thing you're thinking about, even though it is everything you need, especially in order to take care of your little one(s).

This is just another reason I love chiropractic and taking care of my postpartum mama's. Regular treatments typically take less than 15 minutes so bringing baby with isn't a problem. Chances are he/she will sleep right through it. Getting adjusted will not only help keep mama's spine moving well to keep her feeling well, many mama's experience a sense of relief and calm. When the spine and nervous system are healthy, so are you. It's also a good time to get some adult conversation and the focus is directly on mama. I will always check in to see how she is coping, if she has enough support, if she needs additional resources to navigate this ever changing journey.

Once mama is moving well and feeling better, I'll take her through BirthFit's Functional Progressions to help rebuild core stability. Our goal is to keep her moving well, healthy and happy as baby grows and life's demands change. Helping women to, through and beyond pregnancy is something I truly love about my work as a chiropractor. If you are a mama or know one who could use some care, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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