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Mile a Day May Challenge

It's been a few years since I have ran consistently. This is hard to believe considering my athletic background is running (I ran NCAA Div II track and field in college and still hold the 4x800 record at the time of this writing). I just have not had any desire to hit the pavement. This year feels different. A few friends and I have decided to run the Manitoba Marathon Relay. Actually, we decided to do it last year but it got moved to September 2021. Something to look forward to!

So, to ease back into running, I'm going to do the Mile a Day May Challenge. It is simply running, jogging or walking one mile every day (rain or shine) for the month of May. I'm going map out a few different routes in my neighborhood and run first thing in the morning.

Then, on Sunday, June 6th (after nearly a full week of resting from running) at 8:30 am, I'm going to test my one mile time on Wellington Crescent! Wellington Crescent is closed to traffic on Sundays. We'll start at Wellington and Cambridge Street and run to the railroad tracks. I would LOVE for you to join me. Strollers, dogs, rollerblades, walk or run. Whatever you want to do. I just hope the weather is good! I'll buy everyone who comes a coffee or tea from Cornelia Bean for our walk back to our vehicles.

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