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5 Steps to Mastering Your Mornings

What you choose to do in the morning can often influence how your day will run. Making deliberate, yet small changes to your morning routine can completely transform how the rest of your day rolls out. What do your mornings look like?

1. Get up a little earlier. If you are someone who rushes out of bed and contemplates if you have time to take a shower before rushing out the door to get to work, this one’s for you. Waking up and knowing you have time to get out the door in a relaxed, unrushed state will completely change the state and pace of your day.

2. Make your bed. When you make your bed, you are nicely organizing and structuring one thing. This will subconsciously encourage you to keep the rest of your day organized, structured and tidy.

3. Eat a quality breakfast. Start your day with protein and fat. Breakfast literally means breaking the fast. It’s the first meal you will eat after the longest fast of your day. By eating food that is high in quality protein and fat, you will positively influence your hormones and prevent a blood sugar surge which can result in hunger, fatigue and binge eating later in the day.

4. Stop hitting the snooze button. Set your alarm for the time you are going to get up and get up. If you choose to put off the first thing you are supposed to do in a day, what else will you be putting off?

5. Learn something. Podcasts and audiobooks are extremely accessible now. Use this time to passively learning something that you love. This will encourage your creativity and passion and you never know what ideas you will come up with simply by listening to something educational or inspiring.

Setting yourself up for success can be as easy as starting your day off right. Making a few changes to your morning routine might be exactly what you need for a better, brighter future.

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