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Join me every Friday at 4:00 pm at Isbister Park for FREE OUTDOOR WORKOUTS! You'll find me there until the snow is too deep to comfortably workout outside.

I know how much you love FREE stuff, Winnipeg. Why not join me for a FREE workout? Basically, I'm going to be working out and I would love to have you with me!

My Friday afternoon workout is my most important workout of the week. I tend to be a bit run down and stressed come Friday after work and getting in a workout helps me complete the stress cycle (read Burnout to learn more about this). After my workout I feel so much better every. single. time. and ready for an awesome weekend. Bring a kettlebell, dumbbells or nothing at all. I will have options and modifications for everything for everyone for any reason. With nearly 20 years of coaching under my belt, I have plenty of ideas for you. All ages and abilities welcome!

Attend and exercise at your own risk. I can't be held responsible for you feeling happier, healthier, stronger, more resilient, less stressed or more energized. I hope you will join me! Invite all of your family and friends!

Can't join us? Find over 100 FREE WORKOUTS on my YouTube channel. #NoExcuses

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